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A Man in Yellow

Every day we choose what mask to wear. Who do we want to be this time? “The Man in Yellow” is the desire to radiate warm light and goodness to the outside world.


Sometimes you want to cross the line, close your eyes, plunge into the abyss. It is time to find the truth from uncharted depths and erase yourself from the memory of others. Should you reach the bottom to push off and break the surface? There is always a choice. Everything is in our hands…


Sophisticated and delicate. The king of luxury goods. Once seeing and touching it, it will forever remain in memory as a symbol of refinement and nobility … Velvet is like a pleasant touch or a hug with loved ones.

Between Us

When people stand opposite each other, but there is an insurmountable barrier between them. Wall of the freezing rain. Circumstances that cannot be dealt with. Is there any chance to find a solution if the bridges are burned? …

Birth Void

We are born pure, unencumbered by the anxieties of life. An exciting path lies ahead. The void is all we have in the very beginning. We take the brush of fate and paint our story…

Breath of autumn

Everything is cyclical, everything will start over again. Autumn breathes with coolness, lulling the trees around. Mossy trunks are awaiting spring, which will awaken them with warm air. So are we… We are alive as long as we breathe. And when the autumn of our days comes, we believe in the breath of spring.

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Among the traitors and coldness. The moment when the bodies of those who were considered loyal find themselves in the icy lake Cocytus. Trust is lost, but justice has triumphed. The betrayal is frozen in the ice…

Crystal Castle

Reality destroys our dreams and fantasies. It cleans life from levity and naivety. Like gravity, it lands us and pulls the dreamers back from the sky.


December is a portal to fleeting daylight and the period of the transformation towards spring. When nature falls asleep and hides under the snow cover, this is the time of preparation for renewal and rebirth. You just need to wait out the ice blizzard.

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