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Purchasing details

Thank you for your interest in work of Veronika!

You can take a look through all paintings currently available, including description, size and inspiration. If any other information is needed, you may ask us via CONTACT US button.

Once you have made the prepayment, we start preparing your order for shipping

Preparing documents for worldwide shipping:

We send a painting for verification, which takes 2-14 days.

Please, specify the country and city of the delivery.

After verification, we receive the documents and prepare it to its new owner.

At the same time, the packaging is being manufactured (many packages have already been prepared, but in some cases the preparation takes 3-5 days).

During the packaging we order special materials or use the ones we have.

We want our package have a good quality. We care about our client’s health, so we send the wood for a special expertise. There will be materials of the finest quality in your home. Each package will keep the painting in good conditions, and each box has a wood quality tag number.

  • Each box can be opened, so the painting can be easily inspected both while being sent and delivered.
  • Packaging: we use exclusively environmentally friendly materials; voids are filled with bubble wrap, foam, Tyvek or soft material (cloth).

  • The whole process is supervised by Veronika.
  • All employees work exclusively with gloves, so that dust and dirt never get into the package.

  • Delivery is carried out by DHL, we are satisfied with this cooperation.
  • Next, we track the declaration number and send it to you.
  • And in the end your home is decorated by a new artwork!
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