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Privacy and Cookie Policy


This document “Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) constitutes the rules for using Veronika Kyrychenko, hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration, acting on Passport, personal information of the User.


Site Administration – the owner of the Site or people authorized by the owner of the Site to manage the Site and other actions related to its use (hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration or Administration);

Personal data – statements or a set of statements about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified (name, email address, physical address, support requests, etc.);

Processing of personal data – any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use and distribution (distribution, sale), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems;

User – a person who has access to the Site and uses the Site;

Site – (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

Familiarize yourself with our User Agreement for more information on how we use your other data.

If you continue to use the Site, we consider that you have consented to the storage, use and processing of your data in accordance with this Agreement.

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1. What data do we collect from you and how?

When you visit or use some parts of the Site, we may ask you to provide us with some personal information. For example, we ask for your contact information when registering, using the Site, for mailing, when receiving letters from you through the Site. If you do not want to provide us with personal data, you do not need to do so, but this will mean that you will not be able to use our Site or part of it.

Most of the information we collect is collected directly from you. We may sometimes collect personal information about you from other sources, such as publicly available content or trusted third parties, such as our marketing and research partners. We use this information to supplement the personal data you already have in order to provide better information, personalize and improve our Site, as well as to verify the personal data you provide.

Some information about you is collected automatically when you visit our Site, for instance, your IP address and browser data. Your IP address is collected for security purposes and to know approximately, where you are located in the world in order to personalize your experience. Information about your browser and operating system is stored to help you in case any problems arise while using our Site. When you browse the Site, we collect information, including which pages you viewed and which links you followed. This information is important because it helps us to improve the Site by monitoring performance and what needs to be improved.

Some of this information is collected using cookies and similar tracking technologies, which are detailed in the Cookie section below.

If the use of the Site is restricted by age, such a user undertakes to immediately stop using the Site. The responsibility is carried only by the User.

The type of information we collect will depend on your interaction with the Site. Information may include the following data:

Contact and logging in information. Name, email address, phone number and similar contact details, username and passwords.

Payment information. Credit card number, bank information.

Personal and confidential information of the User includes name, e-mail address, including personally identifiable information, financial, payment, account and contact information (including phone book, call and SMS data), device location data, microphone and camera data, as well as other confidential information about the device or its use.

Demographic information. Employment, occupation, region. In some cases, the Site may collect other demographic information such as gender, race and age.

Usage data. Usage data may include information about the operating system of your computer or mobile device, browser type; your device type; information about how you use the Site (including requests in your native language); may view your Internet Protocol (IP) address and geographic areas derived from your IP address; network connection data; information about the Site’s cookies; information in files; metadata; time-stamped logs regarding access times and duration of visits; websites you visited prior to visiting the Site and other usage data relating to your activities on our Site, including the pages you request. We may associate this information with the personal information we have collected about you and use it for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Data from third parties. We may receive your personal information from third party partners. If you connect to the Site’s accounts on third-party social networking sites, we may receive information about your social media accounts, such as your name, username or display name, public profile, and email address. We may combine the information you provide with automatically collected data and with data obtained from third parties. Certain third parties, including analytics companies, advertisers, and advertisement networks, may automatically collect information about you through our websites using cookies, web beacons and device identifiers, including personal information about your online activity over time and across different sites, devices, online channels and apps.

Audio recordings. If you call the Site’s customer service, your call may be recorded. If you refuse to provide your personal information or ask us to delete it, we may not be able to continue to provide or support our products or services.

2. What do we use your personal data for?

Your personal data is used solely to improve the experience of using the Site, and as a means to provide us with the following:

  • Support materials, information requested by you or data based on your use of the Site, to help you gain access to certain parts of the Site and quality goods;
  • To keep you informed of any updates, notifications or anything related to your use of the Site;
  • Seek feedback or participate in any research we conduct that you can ignore or refuse to participate in;
  • To help you with any support you need through any of our communication channels;
  • To help us detect and prevent any fraudulent or malicious activity and to ensure that everyone is using our Site fairly and in accordance with our User Agreement.
  • We may use the personal data we collect about you and other users of our Site (whether obtained directly or from third parties) to create anonymous and aggregated analytics and reports that we can share publicly.

3. How do we transfer and store your data?

We have a legal obligation to collect any personal information that you provide to us.       We will securely store your personal information and will keep it for as long as you use the service you requested.

All your personal data is stored on secure servers and protected by data masking and encryption methods.

We will only share your personal information with regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or other third parties if we deem it necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations or to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights. Where possible and appropriate, we will notify you of this type of disclosure.

4. How long do we keep your personal data?

The time during which we store your personal data depends on what kind of data it is and whether there is a need for its permanent storage (for example, to provide you with access to the Site, its parts, or to comply with legal requirements).

The data will be stored for as long as they are needed to use the Site or parts of it. 

5. Your rights

For cancellation of the subscription to the newsletter and other issues related to the operation of the Site, as well as other questions, suggestions, you can contact us by e-mail ______________________________.

You also have the right to know what personal data we store about you and to check that it is correct and up-to-date. You can request a copy of your personal data or ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data or to delete it.

If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal data, please let us know by sending an email to ___________. We will review your complaint and contact you within a reasonable period. You can also file a complaint with your local data protection authority. They will be able to advise you on how to file a complaint. 

6. What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer. The cookies used by the Site do not contain any of your personal information and we cannot use them to find out who you are. A cookie often contains a randomly generated number that is stored on your device. Many cookies are automatically deleted after you finish using the Site.

When you visit our site, your computer automatically receives a cookie. Cookies are devices that identify your computer to our server and personalize the site for your future use. Cookies only record areas of our website that have been visited by a computer. The cookie does not provide us with any personal information. Therefore, if you have not provided us with any personal information, you can still browse our site anonymously. If you do not want cookies, you can set your browser to disable it. The cookie is required to enter the personal account of the Site (if any), as well as for our secure storage of your login for your session.

Improving user experience

The site is working to ensure that its users have the best possible experience. This means that the user does not need to repeat certain actions unnecessarily. For example, if you increase the text size when you are on the Site, a cookie may be set that remembers your preferred text size so that when you go to another page on the site, you do not have to change your settings again.

Measuring Site Performance

We may also set a cookie on a user’s computer to track the number of visitors. No personally identifiable information, such as your name or address, is collected as part of this process.

Information sharing on social media sites support

Sharing is a key part of how people receive and use information. Social media is a popular way to do this so that people can share information about the Site in this way. The owners of these social networks can place cookies on users’ devices, and the use of these cookies is often explained in their own cookie policy. The administrator does not control the cookie policy of these companies.

7. Google Analytics

The Service and Websites use Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics software uses cookies to analyse users’ behaviour. All data (i.e. your activity on the Service and on the websites) is collected by cookies and stored on Google servers in the USA.

Google, в свою очередь, использует эти данные для оценки поведения пользователей в целом, для составления отчетов для руководителей сайтов, а также для предоставления данных службам, связанным с активностью веб-сайта и использованием Интернета. Google может передавать различные данные третьим лицам, если это требуется по закону или если третьи лица обрабатывают информацию от имени Google.

Google, in its turn, uses this data to measure users’ behaviour in general, to compile reports for site managers, and to provide data to services related to website activity and Internet use. Google may transfer various data to third parties if law requires it or if third parties process information on behalf of Google.

Google will in no way associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. If you do not want to provide Google with browsing data, you can block the use of cookies through your browser settings. For more information on opt out of Google Analytics:, and

Google Analytics is explained at the following link

8. What is an IP address?

If you are connected to the Internet, you will have an IP address. The address will be automatically collected and recorded as part of your computer’s connection to our web server and can be used to determine the total number of visits to each part of the site. It is also used to determine the approximate location of a country and helps in identifying potential malicious activity.

9. Who are we and how you can contact us?

When we refer to “we”, it refers to the Administrator, the Site.

The administrator acts as the controller of your personal data.

All suggestions or questions about this Privacy Policy should be reported by e-mail: ____________________ or by phone + ____________.

 10. Language versions

Other translations of this Policy are provided for convenience only. To avoid any contradictions in definitions, the Russian version is a priority.

11. Additional Terms

The Site Administration is not responsible for damage or losses incurred by the User or third parties because of misunderstanding of the terms of this Privacy Policy, the User Agreement regarding the procedure for posting and using data, as well as other technical issues.

In the event that any provision of the Privacy Policy, including any proposal, clause or part thereof, is found to be contrary to the law or invalid, it will not affect the rest of the provisions that do not contradict the law. They remain in full force and effect, and any invalid provision, or a provision that cannot be fulfilled without further action by the Parties, is considered amended, corrected to the extent necessary to ensure its validity and the possibility of implementation.

The user has the rights provided for by the current legislation regulating the circulation of personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Users from the moment they, when transferring their Personal Data, agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy during the use of the Site. It is valid as long as any information about the User, including personal data, is stored, unless personal data has been revoked by the owner of personal data, or in other cases provided for by current legislation.

The Administration has the right to amend this Agreement at any time. The user is considered to be notified of the changes from the moment the new version of the Agreement is published.

The administration is not responsible for the use by people or storage, processing, collection of data about people who have no right to use the Site.

The Administration shall not be liable in the absence of its fault.

After the purchase on the website, the buyer receives the right to use the goods for its own purposes. The buyer is prohibited (but this list is not limited) to place goods (image, photo of goods, etc.) on posters, souvenirs, business cards, placement on the Internet, in order to obtain profits and achieve other purposes, sales of clothing manufacturers, other goods and products, buyer It is obliged to request permission to the above-mentioned seller with the subsequent conclusion of a license or other agreement.

The owner of all rights to intellectual property objects, content information posted on the site, as well as on the goods that are posted on the site, and / or the purchase of which is possible through the site or offered on the site, is Veronika Kyrychenko.

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