Veronika Kyrychenko & Florence Biennale! -
Veronika Kyrychenko & Florence Biennale!

Who could have imagined a year ago that such challenges of the pandemic, quarantine, restrictions, and prohibitions would become a great impetus in the development of ARTHOUSE VK and the creativity of Veronika Kyrychenko! A few months ago, everyone was isolated from each other. And now, we have fantastic news from Italy: Veronika Kyrychenko will take part in the Florence Biennale!

It is a famous art event held in Florence. The Biennale will feature all forms of visual artistic expression. Many artists dream of taking part in it! And Veronika Kyrychenko has long imagined how her abstraction will delight the visitors of the exhibition! Painting, photography, sculpture, video art will merge in the Italian city.

It was not easy to make such a serious step. Creative people start their journey with an idea. A year ago, more than 300 paintings were kept in the workshop of Veronika Kyrychenko. They were waiting to be presented to the public. In March, the ARTHOUSE VK profile in social networks was created. In April, the search for exhibitions and galleries for cooperation began. In May, we developed a logo and a presentation. At the beginning of summer, we started developing the website for Veronika Kyrychenko; and in October 2020, her paintings were shown to the whole world at the Madrid exhibition! It would seem that this was already recognition and success, but there was always something to strive for!

At that time, the Biennale seemed to be something distant and challenging – the exhibition for the best ones. Several months of diligent work, indomitable perseverance, and the creative process had good results. Veronika painted pictures getting into the flow, like she was broadcasting her clients’ feelings and emotions while working as a counseling psychologist. The Ukrainian artist knew that it was time to show new facets of her abstraction because new ideas and creative thoughts appeared.

Thus, the ARTHOUSE VK team began to search for new exhibitions and galleries. More recently, Veronika Kyrychenko presented her abstract artworks at the Galleria Cael in Italy. This country made her fall in love with it because it is where great artists were born, and the place where you can find art at any corner!

As soon as the Biennale announced about applications, there were many doubts and fears. However, courage and determination helped overcome all obstacles. Having submitted the application, Veronika understood that even if she were rejected, it would be a good push for the development.
How happy she was when her application was confirmed! It was both a feeling of delight and the realization that difficult months of preparation lay ahead! It was a great joy and some thrill after reading all rules! The conditions for participation are rigorous, and it took a lot of time to prepare the documents. It took many hours to select several paintings among hundreds of them: Veronika had to choose those that convey all the Ukrainian artist’s depth and peculiarity. Also, it will be necessary to make some photo shooting and send the paintings. And it is challenging to do everything within the quarantine restrictions!

Participation in the Biennale is a great honor! Veronika Kyrychenko hopes that she will proudly represent Ukraine at this important event for every artist. There is a lot of work ahead and an incredible desire to get back to Florence as an abstract artist and not just a tourist! Veronika dreams of meeting new people and taking a proud place in the photo of all Biennale participants!

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