Veronika Kyrychenko at Galleria Cael -
Veronika Kyrychenko at Galleria Cael

Milan is the most stylish, creative and progressive city in Italy. It is a heart of fashion and art, a prime location for exhibitions and events. It was such a busy place before the pandemic. Could anyone predict how everything would change in a few months? Despite the current situation on the Italian Peninsula, most of Italian people do not stop working and developing. We express our indescribable delight to all of them! After all, Milan was one of the first cities to suffer from the notorious adversity of 2020… A strict curfew and restrictions were imposed there. The local authorities took special measures. Now Milan is getting back to normal life… And it deserves a lot of respect for such a fortitude and desire for creativity! People move forward together… The air is filled with inner light. Dawn is coming. It takes some time to start a new stage in life. And people are inspired! We will return to the previous pace, shake hands without fear, hug with the dearest ones and finally get closer to each other… Like before.

Such events motivated ARTHOUSE VK team, including Veronika Kyrychenko. There was a special desire to find like-minded and progressive people from Italy who would be ready for an interesting cooperation. And the members of the Galleria Cael team became such ones! Together with the Divulgarti Group, which is a large company, the gallery will be holding an exhibition in Milan during Feb 19th -March 5th 2021. The representatives of the gallery and the company are active, friendly and responsive people. They are always eager to help the artist in any question and give useful recommendations.

This is so important for creative people to find a common language, strive for one goal and be able to understand each other through art! Communication with the Galleria Cael and the Divulgarti Group teams was so nice and pleasant, we had common point of views and similar aims. Curator Loredana Trestin, vice-curator Maria Cristina Bianchi and assistants, including Valentina Maggiolo, Monica Minconelli, were happy to communicate with the Ukrainian artist. Despite all restrictions and lockdowns, they were able to find new directions for development: social networks and websites.

It was a big honor for Veronika to start cooperating with the gallery. She had been dreaming to take a chance to participate in the coming exhibition for several months! What was said, was done! When you have a precise aim, the dream comes true much faster! “Change the Way” exhibition will take place in Milan very soon, and Veronika’s works are going there! “Ghosts from the Future”, “Rainbow”, “Where the Mystic Swims” paintings will be seen by the whole world! This simply evokes indescribable emotions: thrill, excitement and pride!

We hope that that visitors of the exhibition will be able to read the message in the artworks and see the soul of the artist. These paintings are special to Veronika. One of them shows the fear of the future, which is ghostly flying around the hour hand. Another one describes the process of losing mind, which turns into the pursue of balance and calm life. The third one shows the colors of the rainbow that illuminate the path to a bright and radiant life. These are deep experiences on canvases with a Ukrainian soul, which are going to be sent to the far land. Hopefully, the messages will understandable to everyone. Or to the special ones only… No doubt, these paintings will definitely become the ringing note in the upcoming exhibition by Galleria Cael.

Certainly, this is not the only event in our plans for 2021. But each exhibition is special and unique. There is so much trepidation before each event! Being a part of exhibition at The Cael Art & Design Gallery is a big step for Veronika, because the entire space actively participates in the international art scene with projects by young and established artists. And now the artworks of Veronika Kyrychenko will be shown to the visitors of “Change the Way” exhibition!

We are so proud to cooperate with Galleria Cael and Divulgarti Group. We are hoping for a long-term collaboration and waiting for new exhibitions! Also, we invite everyone to see artworks of Veronika Kyrychenko : Galleria Cael, Carlo Tenca 11, 20124, Milan, Feb 19th – March 5th.

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