Two sides of the same coin -
Two sides of the same coin

It is a great gift to do what brings pleasure and joy in life. The alarm clock is not needed to wake up for work because the motivation is like the sunbeam at dawn! Creativity is the source of energy for Veronika Kyrychenko. Art allows her to hear the inner voice more clearly, focusing on the most important and filling the artist’s heart with love to the world…

Unfortunately, artists hear different reviews about their profession. People may be divided into two categories: those who put the successful ones as an example and those who want to stay on the same level and only see the negative stuff.

Veronika used to work as a psychologist, meeting people from both categories. Now, she depicts their states on canvases through abstraction. When you change your lifestyle or start a new career, some people do not feel happy for you or will never wish a piece of good luck. They prefer to criticize!

“You have to collect the stones thrown at you. It’s the beginning of a pedestal” (Hector Berlioz)

When Veronika started her artistic path, she did not expect that people from the past would become “experts” of her abstraction. It seems they forget what art is… When you judge paintings, you reflect your inner state and show your problems. It is wonderful that most people leave good reviews and love artworks of the Ukrainian artist. Anyway, besides praise and delight, Veronika had to hear questionable conclusions. Her experience as a psychologist allows her to gratefully accept both positive and negative comments.

Everyone pursues their own goal: it is easier to tell about their traumas. Or maybe someone wants to receive energy from others… Veronika immediately sees such people, smiles, and mentally wishes them to meditate. Some people write letters with gratitude because the paintings became a place of power in the house or a tool for analyzing sensations. It is fantastic to discover new abilities and traits through art — this is the highest award for an artist.

As you see, these are two sides of the same coin!

What if a creative person is very fragile and has no experience in psychology? It is necessary to realize that fame brings followers and haters. Both of them show their interest in you! Someone feels satisfied after expressing negative feelings and making others anxious. And wise people always try to handle the most profound things and recognize talent. And it is much harder…

Nevertheless, if someone talks about you — you are famous! It means that your actions cause loud reactions. And the advantage of it is obvious. The indifference is much worse – it is the highest cruelty…

Let’s remember those painters, musicians, writers who were criticized by others. Some of their works were not called masterpieces immediately. Van Gogh became famous only after 1900 (he died in 1890)… Franz Kafka did not rest on his laurels; his works were published by a friend who initially had to burn all texts after the writer’s death!

Believe in yourself and the work you do. Treat fame as a nice bonus for your activity. Then, any feedback will turn into the key to your progress. Glory makes it possible to meet interesting people, take part in incredible events, expand consciousness boundaries, and see the whole world. Enjoy your favorite activity because you are driven by inspiration and desire to create.

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