Inspiring Düre -
Inspiring Düre

Albrecht Dürer is one of the most talented artists and printmakers not only in Germany but worldwide. His works have always been inspiring Veronika, stirring up the mind, and taking her thoughts into the world of mysteries.

Dürer was able to generalize the aspirations and views of his predecessors and contemporaries, thereby directing German art on a new path of development. He left behind a precious legacy: prints, treatises, and paintings.

And if we mentioned precious things, there is one more interesting fact about jewelry. Dürer’s father was a jeweler. This fact left a significant imprint on the work of Dürer Jr. The love of emphasized scrupulousness was instilled from a young age. Little Albrecht studied jewelry in his father’s workshop, but soon the passion for paintings outweighed the scales. Since then, the path of a great artist began, who mastered painting and engraving on wood. This story resonates with Veronika’s creative path. Through efforts and experiments, she mastered new techniques, choosing abstraction as her favorite one…

There were so many coincidences in creativity, common love for the non-standard, and poise in the composition — this sign couldn’t be ignored! There is so much in common between Veronika and Dürer. She felt an urgent need to reveal the secret of creative attraction! Having bought tickets for the coming dates, she went to Vienna, where Dürer’s exhibition was held.

Albertina, an art museum in a magnificent palace, welcomed guests from the very morning, but Veronika managed to get in only by midday… This is the main event of the exhibition season, and it broke all records in attendance! Going inside, Veronika felt veneration. More than 200 works and each one attracts attention like a magnet.

“Blue-bellied Roller Wing”, “Young Hare”, “Praying Hands”, “Great Piece of Turf”… Each work is unique and striking in its own way. It is simply impossible to imagine how carefully and accurately Dürer worked on each painting! He always tried to achieve the perfect technique, devoting a lot of time to drawing animals’ hands and fur.

Having passed eight halls, Veronika did not even notice how the sun went down… Looking at the most subtle strokes, she felt an extraterrestrial connection between her and the brilliant artist, as if he was giving inspiration through his paintings…

Undoubtedly, a masterpiece is created thanks to painstaking work, through sleepless nights and striving for perfection… Having solved this riddle, Veronika came back home and enthusiastically began to create a new painting…”

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