In The Beginning Was The Idea -
In The Beginning Was The Idea

Each creative association, each artist begins his journey with an idea. Someone makes a plan, calculates risks and opportunities. ARTHOUSE VK was created in a completely different way, but our mission and ideas are special.

In March 2020, when the humanity was overwhelmed with expectation, when the whole planet had lock-down and the frightening COVID-19 statistics were posted everywhere, the whole world seemed to press the “STOP” button.

We are used to a different pace of life: regular trips, meetings and exhibitions. We liked traveling and being in a rush! Isolation from the outside world and society, a pause in the usual way of life was just a torture. There was such a great desire to reach new heights, meet new people, get to know each other, share experiences and impressions!

At that time, almost 300 paintings were waiting for their time in a separate room of the huge house.

It seemed we needed to pick the right moment, to wait out the hardships… If not now, then when? Indeed, in such a difficult time, emotions are being conveyed sharper and brighter. And paintings are the portal to the world of feelings!

Probably, the time has come… So we took our first step on the 7th of March. It was creating our Instagram profile. Hello World! Step by step, our subscribers started participating in our creative path, and we were happy like kids! Are there really so many of you? Thanks to the followers, we wanted to develop faster and faster!

In April 2020, we added another area for growth: searching for exhibitions, interesting acquaintances, new contacts. No doubt, there were some troubles. For example, there were difficulties with paints! We, as perfectionists, wanted certain colors and shades, but instead of scarlet palette, the Bismarck-furioso one came. Something was lost due to closed borders, but you have to be creative in any situation!

The business card and logo were developed in May. Black and white colors, laconic inscription. It should be recognizable! You look at them with peripheral vision, and you understand—this is ARTHOUSE VK!

On the first day of June, we started developing our website! We are so proud of it, because anyone can find more information about paintings of Veronika Kyrychenko. We will remember that summer with dozens of new paintings, video filming, photo sessions, collecting information, various catalogs. Through hardships to the stars, we were confidently reaching our goal. Sometimes there were some doubts about how serious everything was, and whether it was worth continuing? But we didn’t stop to believe in success!

In September, we got the chance to go to Montenegro. At that moment, we realized that it was amazing, and it was not just a regular trip to somewhere. As soon as we landed in the Balkan country, there was complete confidence that ARTHOUSE VK would become very successful! At that moment we had such a strong faith, so the hard work had started immediately! Hundreds of contacts, various projects, new paints, meter canvases. We increased sales, made a lot of acquaintances with architects. Our team has grown at a tremendous rate: new people, designers, fresh ideas, exhibitions! It was a real creative locomotive…

The city turned into ideas for new day in ARTHOUSE VK life.

Just imagine, many papers with written ideas, we defined our mission and build the right structure. ARTHOUSE VK wants to show new angles and new sides of art and creative work! We want to amaze, inspire, surprise this world!

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