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His Majesty Caravaggio

The festive mood of December is in the air, inspiring us with a great desire to celebrate Christmas in a special way: colorful decorations in every house and shining lights on the windows fill our hearts with warmth, and anticipation of the miracle makes us mesmerized…

No doubt, winter holidays’ season is the time of elation, when you want to create and perceive. It is such a state of mind when the muse suddenly comes to you! While searching for inspiration, Veronika found her photo album. Having looked through almost all pictures, her eyes stopped at the image of a special building in Vienna, located on Maria-Theresien-Platz. This is the place in the European capital of culture where time slows down and you plunge into the past… A place where classics are mixed with innovation. In winter, this stunning city not only amazes with a fabulous atmosphere, but also invites us to visit unique events!

The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, famous with its countless masterpieces from various historical eras, has opened its doors to visitors with incredible paintings by Caravaggio (1571-1610). This artist was a reformer of European art. And the uniqueness of this exposition was only confirmed by the number of people wishing to see the painter’s works: long lines and a limited number of tickets!

Veronika Kyrychenko did not miss the opportunity to get inspired from her field of activity! The way Caravaggio conveys human emotions, amazes and astonishes everyone. Color contrasting, special lighting and the scale of such works as “David with the Head of Goliath”, “Narcissus”, “John the Baptist”, “Boy Bitten by a Lizard” convey the spirit and power of the Baroque era. Each canvas forces to stop and peer into the smallest details for a long time, to imagine each movement with a brush… The artist was one of the first to use “chiaroscuro”. This is what the sharp opposition of light and dark is called.

While looking at each picture, a special atmosphere was created around Veronika… It seemed there was noone around. Only silence, the nature of the canvas and the spirit of the past. So many incredible emotions and a strong connection with every work of Caravaggio comes to those who see these masterpieces…

The famous canvases of the Italian painter and winter Vienna have incredibly inspired and gave a new desire for creativity. Dramatic presentation, dialogue and competition can all be seen in Caravaggio’s works.

The museum itself deserves a special attention, too. The building was one of the few that was originally designed as a museum. Could its creators predict such a great fame for it? After all, most of the museums in Europe were formerly palaces, train stations or other government buildings. Pomp and grandeur, tranquility and delight attract more and more guests of the Austrian capital! Of course, this visit brought a lot of inspiration and variety of emotions, due to which you want to create, paint and make something new as soon as possible!

And that is the only beginning of an adventurous path…

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