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Heritage of humanity

Creativity has always played an important role in the development of mankind. This is a large continent on the map of life, helping not only to forget routine things, but also to learn all the most hidden corners of the soul.

This is not a new subject of research. But its development is so rapid, that the history of art is being written here and now. There are so many innovators and unique masterpieces! After all, creativity itself is making something new. Someone says that everything in music is cyclical. There are only seven notes, certain amount of canon tunes, and each melody has been already written. And it relates the books, too: there are several typical plots, and any climax or ending has already been invented long ago. But nevertheless, a new writer, artist, composer appears. And they show the most standard thing through their unusual perception.

Each person is special, and that’s how we  broadcast the uniqueness of creativity. Imagination is an instrument, due to which people show their emotions and feelings. We have different views, we experience different lives. And if someone gathers all of us together and asks us to draw the Evil and the Kind, each of us will have a different drawing.

Creativity has no limits. Psychologists think that the process of creative work, the study of the preparation process, the definition of forms, methods and means of development are especially valuable.

We can forget about routine things due to art, get away from life situations and difficulties, stay ourselves when nobody sees us. It is a chance to break away from the reality that surrounds in the external world. Just being real and genuine!

This is a storytelling through your inner world. When artists pick up the brushes, they are not afraid of prejudice and judgment. They paint projecting their state on canvases. Bitterness is shown with dark, aggressive or deep colors. Happiness is demonstrated with pastel or bright colors.

Art has always been and still remains a link between generations. Once it had exclusively magical and cult functions. Nowadays creativity is the whole world in which you can show your abilities, reflect your state of mind, write an autobiography through paintings, songs or poems. This is a synthesis of the spiritual and the material, which will forever remain the heritage of humanity.

And even after a hundred, two hundred years, when modern technologies turn into the prehistoric ones, the masterpieces of geniuses will remain at the peak of glory forever.

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