Galeria Azur Madrid - Opening Show October 2020 -
Galeria Azur Madrid – Opening Show October 2020

It’s no news that 2020 has reshaped the way we think of the world, moreover our perception of art. Nonetheless, despite the shifted priorities, economical crisis and growing social anxiety 2020 has refreshed one of the original purposes of fine arts- a form of release and escape from the overwhelming reality. 


When we first started talking to Galeria Azur about the opening exhibition in Madrid the event seemed like something impossible to happen.  The experienced and successful galleries from Argentina wanted to expand to one of the European cultural hubs – Madrid- and therefore get closer to their audience. That made sense. Only at that time Madrid was undergoing yet another wave of restrictions. Living in Spain in 2020 seemed like going through a haunted attraction you could never know when the next ambush will happen. Limitations on movement, gatherings, events, curfews were announced from day to day and the opening show of a trendy contemporary art gallery seemed like an illusion, a faraway dream, and ode to the times where things were normal. 

A week before the opening event further restrictions were introduced- no one could enter Madrid and the movement between the “barrios” (neighbourhoods) were limited for work purposes only. How would that affect the opening show, we could only wonder. 

Despite the fear, uncertainty and imposed limitations people turned up. Wearing masks and maintaining distance – not a typical private view- the audience was there, ready to be impressed, stunned and amused. This year has been radical and exhausting to all and what would people want? Find relief. Fine art has always played that escaping role in society. It is through art- any form of it- you instantly tune to a different frequency, the one that doesn’t overwhelm with negativity and “earthly troubles”. It creates a space to be free, to breathe, to think, to create and to get inspired. It is why art will survive this year and will continue playing an important role in our lives despite not being typically considered as “essential”.



Three of Veronicas’ artworks were displayed. The three very special and very accordant works: Gatsby 1 & 2 and Stillness. In every piece selected for the show the artist was answering the very relevant questions of hope and balance.


A green light that was feeding Fitzgerald’s character Gatsby with motivation and incentive to move on no matter what, keep going with determination and power within, despite the obstacles and finale the artworks encourage to find that source of light, a source of balance to carry on.


“Stillness” on the other hand transmits the idea of balance, the inner peace that can only come from within. Regardless of the external factors- even if the whole world is going mad- stability within is what drives to go on. Veronica´s artworks inspire to look for the values that cannot be broken, stability and certainty that cannot be shaken. The idea of creating that comfort zone is in line with the very purpose that arts have ever served. 


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