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Flash – Snap!

Every song, picture or book has its creator behind. A person, who always prefers to remain in the shadow, but is so proud of the work. In the past, the authors of masterpieces could be incognito or hide under alias without attending a single event. Amazing mystery! In the 21st century, when digitalization has filled the space, a person does not exist without a profile on social networks. This is what the modern generation says. Most people are visuals. They perceive the world through their eyesight. People want to see not only works, but also their creators. They want to see the eyes and understand everything. Not necessarily to see in real live, you can just look at the photo…

It is difficult for creative people to plunge into the unknown, but sometimes it so adventurous to get out of the comfort zone to expand your potential. Being outside of the usual and ordinary. Modern society asks, it even requires us to be on the wave and stay online. Social media is a new mirror of our life, and not everyone is still ready to show their lives on the public eye!

It is more convenient for a musician to sit at the piano and compose melodies in silence. But people and the modern world are asking for a video clip and its promotion on streaming platforms.

And the artist wants to take brushes, paints and create all day long! This is an incredible feeling of flight, a galaxy of colors and solitude with the canvas. You see the canvas, which was empty recently, but now it is a splash of abstraction and the soul of the artist. And suddenly you realize that the world must see it! Veronika as a creative person, decided to take a bold step – to make a photo shoot about her life.

After all, photography is also art! It is also an image, but with a completely different story. This is a snapshot of a certain moment that will stay with you forever. Many things are being erased from our memory, but photography, like a painting, will always evoke emotions! So it was the right moment to please the visual generation and try something new.

It was hard to find the right professional, who will read Veronika’s inner world. This person had to convey her soul on the photo. Fortunately, the first photographer managed to do that! It took several minutes of communication to understand what kind of location and atmosphere it should be. And artists came up with the same decision: it should be a natural photo shoot. The real life of a painter! So now we see the series of images, which show Veronika with a pleasant smile, working on a new artwork, playing with colors and shades. Cozy studio, friendly atmosphere, favorite white shirt and simplicity in everything – it was such a favorable microclimate for taking amazing photos!

As it turned out, there was nothing difficult! The artist can remain herself, do what she loves, and pose for the photo shoot in the process! Beauty is in simplicity and, it seems, this is the harmony between creativity and modernity! In conclusion, it was pleasant to post the photos on social networks and print them for the favorite album!

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