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How delightful it is to realize that the phenomenon of color and the Ukrainian painter’s artworks are interesting to many people! On February 3, Kudashevsky Business Center was filled with a special atmosphere and warm light. That was the place where Veronika Kyrychenko’s creative evening took place!

We want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and showed interest in Ukrainian art. Such a progressive, attentive and lively audience came! The most interesting and fascinating issues were raised at the event. No matter how prepared Veronika was to communicate with visitors, their unexpected questions surprised her and evoked bright emotions. Art connoisseurs asked about plans for 2021, attitude about abstraction, the process of painting, and upcoming exhibitions. Many people were interested in the ways of getting inspired and how to start their creative path! It proves that Ukrainian art has great potential.

We want to express our gratitude to Maria Larina, the art director of CREATIVE STATES. She helped in our evening organization, providing such an incredible opportunity to communicate with connoisseurs of art.

And Kudashevsky Business Center turned into the space of creative ideas and inspiration. Such a beautiful and modern place with an impressive interior, where you want to work with great pleasure! The atmosphere is magical, due to which we had a pleasant conversation.

Veronika understood: when you give a part of yourself to people, they provide inspiration and motivation for new artworks! It was the best time and location to hold the event.

We sincerely hope that such meetings with Veronika Kyrychenko will become our good tradition!

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