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Painter’s creed. Abstract artist Veronika Kyrychenko

Veronika Kyrychenko is an abstract artist from Ukraine who has a gift to reveal people’s feelings through art’s prism.

Creativity has always been running like a red thread in Veronika’s life. When she was a kid, she saw the world differently: through images. As a little girl born in the Ural village, she enjoyed the beauty of the mountain ranges around her, felt the strength of the wind, and admired the rivers’ valleys. Every field and hill, every pond and stream, was giving a feeling of peace and incredible delight in the power of nature. She grew up in a soldier’s family, where all always kept the discipline. It brought up Veronika strength of spirit and the ability to listen to people’s hearts.

Back then, she didn’t know that she was born to become an abstract artist. But those exact emotions from childhood led to the first insight: she was destined to convey feelings through images.

Veronika came back to Ukraine in 1972, where the whole life changed and moved to a new level. She started her professional path by obtaining a biological science degree. Nature was always next to her; its presence was reflected unconsciously. A young lady craved to get more information, explore the unknown, and learn people’s emotions. Why did someone choose the path of passivity while someone kept walking against the wind? To find all the answers to that questions, Veronika Kyrychenko enrolled at the Department of Psychology. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in 2004, she wanted to help people understand their emotions and feelings, analyze their experiences. Many things happened to them, different mysterious stories were hidden in their biography. The final decision was made: to keep studying psychology.

This is how Veronika Kyrychenko became a counselor.

The creative method had always been the most interesting among individual and group therapies. Based on her experience, art therapy was the best way to reveal a person’s inner world. Sometimes we cannot describe our feelings and impressions in words, but metaphor and abstraction can very well show our thoughts. The fact is that we perceive information through images and symbols. They have their emotional component, which is best conveyed through the image. In the drawing, people broadcast their experiences, get rid of negative emotions, feel peace, and find answers to the most critical questions. Veronika used art therapy in sessions with children and adults. The results were incredible. People drew different emotions: joy, anger, fear, shock, admiration, and sadness.

Impressions accumulated during the work, and Veronika felt an irresistible desire to share her feelings on canvas. Being inspired by memories from the past, she started painting. All the stories Veronika had previously heard turned into an overflow of shapes and shades. Genuine emotions were displayed in the abstract pictures. She experimented with techniques and materials, transferred a vivid memory by each brushstroke.

Now Veronika knows different expensive paints, oils, and canvases. Today she is being invited to exclusive exhibitions in different parts of the world, and famous galleries are happy to cooperate with her. But many years ago, when Veronika had to raise two children on her own, all wishes seemed to be pipe dreams. It happened in the nineties when goods were in short supply. The whole country lived in poverty, and it was a great success to find the right materials. But the desire to paint was so big that Veronika took a fibreboard, stretched it over an old fabric, and primed it with the acrylic paint, which was sold at a discount due to the expiration date. This is how she created her first paintings.

The inner world can be complicated and mysterious. Due to the art therapy, Veronika was able to reveal the real character of a person. Sometimes reality is hidden somewhere in the recesses of the soul. Trust your creativity, and you will find the origins of many things, see the meaning of everything, and reveal all unconscious worries.

Now the Ukrainian artist fulfills her goals according to ecological psychology rules: without damaging my inner feelings. Her perception of the world and creative work bring joy both in the process and in the moment of realizing that the painting is ready. Being in harmony with the universe’s laws and feeling happy for the results, she understands that all these factors make me a successful abstract artist.

The Ukrainian artist paints combining color composition with a palette of emotional states. She trusts her inner world, allows the unconscious to reflect the experience in the dynamics of colors and volumes. Her paintings can make you think, and sometimes they refresh your memories… The compassion and experience, the ability to hear and feel, the flow that makes you being in the moment — this helps Veronika Kyrychenko create something new and be in harmony with the world.

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Inner world of a person is impossible to describe in words. I see it as something abstract, before-language. Our feelings are broader, heavier and denser than we can describe. Language only sets limits on the message we transmit when we say how we feel. This is what I´m trying to express in my art.

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